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Get assistance from an interior architect for your layout, renovation, or restructuring project for your house or apartment in Paris and its surroundings.

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Why call on an interior designer in Paris?

The assistance of an interior designer is not obligatory for a renovation. This measure is however required to guarantee the quality of the rendering in Paris. Working with this expert is profitable for several reasons:

Apartment Renovation Project in Paris: What You Need to Know

The roles of an interior architect vary depending on your project in Paris. The primary mission of this professional is to create aesthetically pleasing spaces while ensuring comfort and functionality within an apartment. This involves playing with volume, light, and colors, with furniture selection being crucial for project success. A skilled architect should be able to reflect the inhabitant's personality through their work. 

In essence, an interior architect's primary function is to work on different spaces, providing a new structure throughout all rooms of a house or apartment. They may need to create additional rooms to expand an apartment, involving tasks such as opening up spaces to add roominess. They're also skilled at installing features like mezzanines or glass partitions, which can enhance the value of the property. 

Furthermore, a true architect must be versatile, ready to intervene whether the project is in the public or private domain. They can offer services for creating private apartments, restaurants, or boutiques, and may even be involved in decorating museums or debate platforms. 

Regarding their employment status, an interior architect can be an employee or work independently. As an employee, they may work for a company or the government. If working independently, they partner with artisans who directly execute the work.

Collaborating with an Interior Architect in Paris

To ensure the success of your apartment renovation project in Paris, it's crucial to ensure that your interior architect maintains quality throughout all stages of their work. 

Initially, the architect familiarizes themselves with all your expectations. They then conduct a site visit to assess the premises and gather information from various stakeholders like carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. This includes examining the spaces thoroughly. 

Once the site visit is complete, the specialist begins conceptualizing the project by creating pencil sketches following a detailed study. They then produce basic 3D plans to present to you for validation before commencing work.

Before starting construction, the project may need approval from the local authorities to ensure compliance with urban planning regulations. The architect assists in preparing your authorization request, compiling technical plans, including the previously mentioned 3D plans describing the project. 

Once the project is approved by the municipal authorities, the architect assists you in finding artisans to execute the work. Together, you compile a comprehensive summary dossier listing all consulted companies. On-site, the architect becomes a true site manager, overseeing task coordination and conducting regular inspections to ensure proper progress. 

Consultation Meetings - Interior Diagnostic?

Following the approval of the preliminary draft or APS, the architect can proceed with developing the final preliminary draft before transmitting it to the client for approval. 

The professional then conducts an interior diagnostic to determine whether the building and environment meet all the necessary conditions for a transformation. The analysis covers both technical and architectural aspects of the area. The expert begins with plans drawn to a 1/50th scale, detailing all the information necessary to understand the project's progress. These plans are accompanied by a brief description outlining the work's characteristics. Finally, the architect implements an estimate of the cost.

Study of Your Interior Architecture Project

During the renovation of an apartment in Paris, one of the tasks of the interior architect is to first develop a personalized study. This provides you with a precise idea of the project you wish to carry out. It is done in complete collaboration with you and gives you an overview of the transformations to be undertaken. The content should align with your tastes, budget, and all your requirements.

Generally, a study is conducted for each room of an apartment. It includes structural and layout plans, as well as a selection of furniture, objects, materials, and various color choices. The document provides an estimate of the required budget, including the selection of artisans. Additionally, it presents an overview of the 3D plans to visualize the project as a whole.

Rates for Interior Architecture Services in Paris

Regarding the fees of an interior architect, some professionals are charged hourly, while others are remunerated based on a percentage of the total work price.

Most often, an architect is remunerated according to the tasks assigned to them. The quote then serves as a reference. This document lists the tasks with their corresponding rates, specifying the characteristics and dimensions of the elements constituting the project. The dossier also outlines any potential complexities along with the fees proposed by the professional and specifies the site area. 

A quote informs you about the average price applied by the architect after an initial visit. The rate is typically evaluated at less than €100 per hour. It also covers the expenses applied to the cost price, with an average amount of around €55. If you wish the architect to handle all stages of the project, it's essential to note that the follow-up on the work will represent the most significant amount, approximately 7% of the total work price. 

Examples of Prices and Services

An interior architect is enlisted for various missions, with higher rates possibly applying to specialized tasks.

For consultancy services, the proposed price typically ranges from approximately €100 to €200 per hour. Regarding "home staging" missions, the fee may vary between 0.5% and 5% of the price of the concerned real estate property. "Home staging" involves preparing a property for sale.

The intervention of an interior architect aims to enhance the appearance of a house or apartment to charm visitors and encourage them to make a purchase. One of the roles of the expert is to determine suitable colors that harmonize with the structure of each room and the budget presented. The expert must ensure to propose a more functional outcome, optimizing comfort through the placement of furniture and attractive decorative elements.

What Factors Influence Quotes in Paris?

Regarding the quote from an interior architect in Paris, certain factors can influence the content and rates applied.

A quote will be less expensive if the project entrusted to the architect is, for example, limited to a paint change and floor covering replacement. A higher fee is expected if the project involves optimizing the space of a room, including removing a partition. 

It's therefore recommended to compare quotes from different architects to gain insight and make a more informed decision when selecting the service provider.

What Types of Layouts to Choose in Paris ?

In Paris, studios and small apartments are increasingly popular. Larger accommodations are now scarce and come at higher prices, making way for smaller living spaces. These smaller spaces offer numerous smart layout options, and there are several types of decorations to draw inspiration from.

For example, in a small F1 apartment in need of refreshing, an architect could reconsider the living room. Opening up the space to the kitchen can be an excellent idea to create a sense of spaciousness. This layout will facilitate movement between the two rooms and bring clarity to the interior. Furniture placement can be optimized at the entrance, and storage solutions like closets or shelves can be installed to maintain a sense of continuity.

For a less than 45 m2 apartment with a cramped appearance, envisioning a studio with an architecture resembling a Lego assembly can be a clever idea. This structure reveals a combination of volumes and a juxtaposition of colors that adds dynamism to the apartment.

To add charm to a small 35 m2 apartment, an architectural expert may remove a partition and replace it with stylish storage to create a more elegant interior. This layout perfectly suits a cozy style for a feminine bedroom.

To enhance an old, small apartment, nothing beats replacing wall coverings. Worn-out carpeting can be replaced with modern tiles.

Why Renovate an Apartment for Investment in Paris?

Investing in renovated old properties in Paris is currently trending and offers many opportunities for investors. 

Choosing to renovate an apartment for investment within the French capital is a wise decision. It allows for savings on the purchase of the property. 

Properties in need of refreshing are offered at lower prices. Investing in such apartments means saving on the total cost of renovations. While new properties offer immediate occupancy and investment, opting for an older property allows for negotiation on the price. Reductions are particularly possible on notary fees.

On the other hand, old apartments are often located centrally and are not subject to the risk of rental vacancy, unlike new properties often situated on the outskirts. 

Also, note that in terms of housing in Paris, new apartments are quickly taken off the market. Hence, focusing on older properties provides more choices. Moreover, these properties may be eligible for tax deductions and other fiscal benefits. Certain expenses such as maintenance may be deductible for tax purposes.

Trending Apartment Styles in Paris's Finest Neighborhoods

Apartments in Paris are highly sought after, making it the perfect place to invest in prestigious housing that requires renovation to attract clientele willing to pay a higher price. Within the French capital, you have a choice of several styles according to your means and desires.

Along the streets of the 8th arrondissement lie the most luxurious apartments in Paris. Most buildings boast Haussmann-style architecture, providing an old-world charm. These apartments often feature multiple fireplaces and authentic parquet flooring. Ornate moldings adorn the ceilings, adding to the elegance. Many of these apartments also come with a wine cellar, appealing to enthusiasts of this beverage.

In the 8th arrondissement's Faubourg Saint-Honoré, you'll find the most charming Parisian duplexes. This street is prized as it leads directly to the Élysée Palace. Residents of a duplex in this locality enjoy retro-style living with unparalleled charm. These spacious apartments, spanning over 100 m2, often include a small terrace offering beautiful panoramic views.

When searching for a renovation project in Paris, you might also come across a beautiful residence in the prestigious Triangle d'Or district. These properties are located near renowned restaurants and luxury boutiques. Here, you'll find grand, four-room apartments in upscale buildings perfect for those seeking authenticity. Additionally, these apartments often come with parking facilities and feature ceilings adorned with intricate moldings. 

Investing in an apartment in the heart of Paris may lead you to the delightful Abbesses neighborhood. Tenants can delight in the proximity to the Moulin Rouge. Renting an apartment near the famous Place des Abbesses grants access to a magnificent building equipped with amenities like an elevator and a spacious cellar. Residents can enjoy ample living space with breathtaking views of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. 

Moreover, stunning apartments line the basilica itself. Typically, these apartments feature a well-lit living room and a modern open kitchen. Some include a master bedroom, and all come with a cellar. Security services may also be available to ensure residents' safety.

Beautiful Locations to Live in an Apartment in Paris

One thing's for sure, renovating an apartment in Paris can offer you a beautiful location. Residents have the privilege of living not far from the Eiffel Tower and Europe's most remarkable tourist sites.

In the 16th arrondissement, you increase your chances of finding a building with a stunning view of the tower. Finding an apartment along the Seine River is also possible. From the windows, you may catch a glimpse of the Bir-Hakeim bridge while enjoying decent comfort.

If you prefer unique apartments, head to the Pigalle district, along Boulevard de Clichy, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. In this very chic neighborhood, elegant stone buildings stand tall. The spaciousness is notable, and the apartments possess the necessary elegance to serve as a professional space. They are spread across two floors, with the ground floor suitable for habitation while offices can be set up upstairs.

For those seeking a renovation project in Paris, authentic-style buildings are also available in the Montorgueil district. You can find attractive and bright accommodations with large windows. Here, some apartments have even been used for filming. They are highly appreciated for their charm and warm spaces. The generous room sizes make them perfect for hosting seminars or special events.

In conclusion, note that Paris is a very promising capital when it comes to real estate. Offers abound, whether for a small or large apartment. The city provides great opportunities for those looking to invest in renovating apartments. Engaging an interior architect is imperative to ensure the quality of a new layout.

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