Apartment renovation in Bordeaux (33) : advice, price per square meter, selection of companies

"Renovating" is the best option to modernize or bring an apartment up to standard. Whether it's a property serving as your primary residence or one intended for sale/rental, your real estate will require several more or less complex interior refurbishment works. In this article, you will discover all the useful information to successfully renovate your apartment in Bordeaux.

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When to renovate an apartment in Bordeaux?

Renovating your apartment in Bordeaux provides a high level of comfort and contributes to the well-being of its occupants. This operation allows you to avoid problems caused by an unhealthy or unsanitary environment. Refreshing your accommodation notably improves its acoustic and thermal comfort, as well as the air quality in its rooms. Moreover, renovating your apartment will enhance its heritage value. This is especially the case if you optimize the energy performance of the property.

This improvement often involves renovating insulation. The related works will transform your apartment into a comfortable habitat. Once the housing renovation is well done, you will limit the noise from outside. It will make your apartment more comfortable on a daily basis. It is also a good way for you to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment.

Energy wastage is quite common in homes. The purpose of renovation work is to limit these energy losses (thermal or electrical). These works will significantly reduce your energy needs. The amount of your energy bill can thus be reduced without degrading your quality of life. Renovation works can, for example, be considered at the level of your heating system. You can strengthen the insulation of your walls, attics, and windows, thus limiting the risk of thermal loss.

The nature and scope of your renovation works often vary depending on your goals and layout needs. Several trades may work together to ensure the quality of your works. These will concern your sanitary installations, the insulation of your rooms, electricity, plumbing, etc. You will need to ensure the smooth running of the renovation by planning each stage of your project in which you want to modernize or bring your apartment up to standard. Consulting an interior architect is advisable in this case.

Why Hire an Interior Designer in Bordeaux ?

When renovating your apartment in Bordeaux, several types of professionals can intervene. However, the interior designer is the one who can perfectly meet your needs. This specialist in interior architecture brings expertise for all design and space configuration needs. They assist in arranging the rooms of your apartment or creating new ones.

To fully personalize your real estate, the interior designer first gathers and analyzes your needs. It is also during this study that they inquire about your budget. The interior designer can then submit a project for your review before validation. They work with their network of artisans to ensure that your renovation works are completed promptly.

In addition to optimizing spaces and enhancing interiors, consulting an interior designer also offers several advantages. Their network of collaborators is extensive and includes many experienced professionals. You can also refine your layout desires with their knowledgeable advice and fresh perspective. Various characteristics of your interior must be taken into account for this.

Working with an interior designer also saves you time. This professional masters all aspects of building and decoration. They plan the progress of your renovation project and manage any unforeseen events. Additionally, this provider remains attentive to your needs throughout the apartment renovation process in Bordeaux.

Therefore, soliciting an interior designer allows you to enjoy various benefits, such as :

It should be noted that the contractors and artisans selected by an interior designer have the necessary ten-year insurance and civil liability for the quality of your works.

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What to Know About Apartment Renovation in Bordeaux ?

Bordeaux is increasingly attracting real estate investors due to its various attractions. This city stands out for its geographical location near the Atlantic coast. It is also appreciated for its welcoming climate and numerous green spaces, but especially for the uniqueness of its accommodations. 

Specifics of Bordeaux's Real Estate Market

More than half of the residents in Bordeaux are tenants, and the city possesses a favorable real estate tension for real estate investment projects. The demand for housing is indeed higher compared to the supply in the rental market. You can take advantage of this opportunity to invest in a renovated apartment in Bordeaux. This situation is partly explained by the increasing student population settling in Bordeaux.

While some municipalities have a relatively diverse rental real estate market, Bordeaux's leans largely toward smaller units. Tenants often seek one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments. These accommodations make up approximately 66% of the real estate listings in the wine capital. Those looking for larger apartments may consider the outskirts of Bordeaux. About 7 out of 10 rental listings are for two or three-bedroom apartments.

Different Types of Buildings in Bordeaux

There are several types of buildings in Bordeaux. You can notably distinguish Bordeaux's Haussmannian buildings. These structures are characterized by their high ceilings, fireplaces, moldings, and herringbone parquet floors. You can admire them in the city center, such as on the Allées de Tourny. These buildings usually require refurbishment or renovation work. This allows for bringing these accommodations up to date (modernizing the layout, creating an open kitchen, etc.).

Bordeaux also includes buildings made of old stones. These 2 or 3-story buildings were constructed to offer a certain level of freshness in the living environment of Bordeaux residents. They are made of elegant stones, cream or white in color, making them easily recognizable. These apartments often require complete renovation. They may lack modernity and possibly insulation. Therefore, you need to enhance the thermal comfort of the rooms.

From Bastide-Niel to Ginko, eco-districts are gradually forming in Bordeaux with ecological buildings. They are built with ecological materials, and some of them are still under construction. New apartments in these neighborhoods can be renovated according to your needs. You can, for instance, rearrange one of these apartments to adapt the space to your lifestyle (creating a mezzanine, opening/closing off the kitchen, etc.).

Phases of Apartment Renovation in Bordeaux

Apartment renovation works in Bordeaux and its outskirts revolve around 3 main stages: apartment assessment, actual renovation works, and finishing touches.

A pre-renovation assessment is necessary. This step is essential whether you want to renovate a recent apartment built in a residential area on the outskirts of the city or an old Haussmannian apartment in Bordeaux's city center. You will need to check the condition of the walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as plumbing, ventilation, electricity, etc. Approval from the condominium is often necessary for certain works. This could involve knocking down partitions or restructuring the apartment layout.

Once your apartment renovation project takes shape and the artisans are selected, your works can commence. You will typically need to undertake major partitioning works concurrently with electrical works. You can then renovate the plumbing, change internal doors, install storage spaces, etc. Finishing touches will follow: laying floor coverings, wallpapering, painting, parquet floor renovation, etc.

How Does an Interior Designer Work in Bordeaux ?

Before consulting an interior designer, you should be aware of the main phases of their activity. The Preliminary Project Phase (APS) is the first step, involving preliminary studies necessary for opening your file. A site visit is usually required. You can also provide several documents to the designer to give them an overview of the work to be done. During the APS, they will provide you with basic plans or sketches, an overall assessment of the work, and a summary descriptive notice.

The Detailed Preliminary Project Phase (APD) is the next step in a renovation project with an interior designer. This phase highlights your layout ideas in a definitive manner. The designer can then propose descriptions, plans, and rough estimates. However, you will need to agree with your provider on the terms of their work. This process involves taking into account the Work Execution Plan (PEO) and the Detailed Technical Specifications (STD). The provider will then create the final plans before issuing the calls for bids.

Renovating your apartment in Bordeaux requires the intervention of various professionals. The role of the interior designer is to help you select them. They will indicate to them the nature and quality of the required work, as well as the limits of their services. These steps will require the creation of a Companies Consultation File (DCE). You can then choose the companies that can carry out your work within the allotted time. For this, a Work Market Assistance (AMT) will be offered to you by the designer.

Once all the elements necessary for the realization of your apartment renovation project are gathered, the interior designer starts the works. They must ensure the Reception and Accounting of Works (RDT) and the General Control of Works (CGT) by drafting service orders. The interior designer will then oversee the work of the contractors, guide the meetings, and make unexpected visits to the site to assess the progress of the work.

This interior architecture specialist also handles everything related to the RDT. They draw up several minutes and ensure that no misconduct has been carried out on your site. One of their missions is also to control the compatibility of the works. They must verify that the breakdowns made by the contractors or companies match the payment proposals previously established. This will also be useful for them to define the settlement of balances related to the work carried out.

rénovation bordeaux

What is the Price per Square Meter for Apartment Renovation in Bordeaux?

Renovating an apartment in Bordeaux, as well as throughout Gironde, requires a more or less significant financial investment. The amount of your budget will depend on the type and scope of the work you intend to undertake.

For refreshing your Bordeaux apartment, you should budget approximately between €150 and €600/m2 including taxes. The cost of your project may vary depending on the quality of materials chosen. This could include installing new skirting boards, refurbishing floors, and painting works. Additionally, you might consider fitting a new wardrobe, interior decoration, and replacing wallpapers or tiles.

For a simple renovation, the budget allocated for your project is around €600 to €1,000/m2 including taxes, depending on the materials used. This type of renovation may involve renovating a bathroom or a kitchen. It allows for adding or modifying the partitions of your apartment, renovating plumbing, and replacing windows. Furthermore, it might include modifying or creating non-load-bearing walls, transforming or optimizing the electrical system, or building a customized library.

Renovating an apartment in Bordeaux may also involve extensive renovation works. These works can cost you between €1,000 and €1,800/m2 including taxes. They may involve altering the configuration of each room. Insulation, plumbing, and the electrical system may also undergo complete renovation. A major renovation could also involve altering the structure of the floor and load-bearing walls, restoring or replacing window frames, or removing a closed fireplace or chimney.

However, you should also estimate the fees of the interior architect who will assist you during the renovation of your Bordeaux apartment. For an advisory meeting, this type of service provider will charge you between €70 and €150 excluding taxes per hour. They will understand your desires, needs, and budgetary capacity, take measurements, and provide you with advice and layout ideas.

For a project study, hiring an interior architect in Bordeaux will cost you between €40 and €100/m2. The services they will provide include a consultation visit, the creation of layout plans and sketches, as well as the selection of furniture, decorative accessories, and materials. In addition to these services, they will estimate the cost of your works.

If you wish to benefit from a complete mission, the services of an interior architect would be priced between 8 and 15% excluding taxes of the amount of the works to be carried out. You will benefit from a consultation visit, a project study, and personalized assistance in your administrative procedures. The engaged provider will also help you choose your craftsmen and ensure the supervision and coordination of your works until their completion.

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How does the selection of companies for apartment renovation in Bordeaux work ?

Selecting the right collaborators is crucial to ensuring the quality of your renovation work. You need to pay special attention to choosing your interior designer and the various trades involved.

Choosing the interior designer

To fully benefit from hiring an interior designer in Bordeaux, it's essential to choose the right provider. This step is crucial as the quality of their service will depend on it.


You can ask your acquaintances to recommend an interior designer to ensure you find a reliable professional. However, if you don't get any recommendations, you can consider searching online. This approach will allow you to compile a list of professionals working in Bordeaux and near your apartment. You can rely on the feedback from their former clients to narrow down your potential collaborators.

Checking qualifications

Your interior designer typically needs to have a Bachelor's degree plus five years in art or architecture to successfully carry out your apartment renovation project in Bordeaux. You may also consider choosing an interior designer affiliated with professional associations such as the National Union of Interior Architects or the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI).

Reviewing their services

Not all interior designers are the same and may have different tastes and work styles. To find the one that perfectly meets your expectations, you should review the portfolios of the providers you've chosen. This will give you an idea of their styles. You can then select the one whose style aligns with your expectations. Reviewing the insurance and guarantees offered by each professional to their clients can also help refine your choice. Of course, the pricing practiced is also a decisive selection criterion.


Selecting Other Participants

As the Client, you can decide whether or not to solicit bids from various companies or artisans to renovate your apartment. If you wish to conduct a bidding process to compare different companies or artisans, your interior designer can prepare your DCE (Document for Bidding Companies).

The bidding process can be selected through :

The bidding principle can be carried out through :

The DCE is a document to be prepared after obtaining the Building Permit and based on a General Design Project (GDP), aiming to select companies to carry out the project. This document constitutes the first concrete phase towards renovating your apartment in Bordeaux. It is produced after the study of sketches, preliminary, and final designs. Its purpose is to definitively fix, without the possibility of modification, the technical characteristics of the building once renovated. 

The preparation of the DCE is generally an opportunity to detail your project, including the production of sequenced execution plans in different lots, for example. The role of the interior designer will be to describe very precisely the different phases of work to be undertaken. They will also propose a provisional schedule of tasks, provide volumes and measurements, etc. The DCE will then be proposed to the selected company after your approval.

This type of document effectively allows the selection of the best artisans at the best cost. It includes :

With this data, the companies consulted can offer more precise renovation quotes. After receiving and reviewing their proposals, the interior designer assists you in your choices. They can then draft and conclude contracts awarded to each of the participants. The companies will be contractually obligated to your interior designer to adhere to the schedules and budgets announced. 

However, drafting a DCE is not subject to any legislation in the context of private contracts. Your interior designer should be able to draft a perfectly compliant document thanks to their training. They can then oversee the execution of your renovation works and supervise the acceptance procedures.

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